What are the main cities to visit in the UK?

England is an extraordinary country. It's hard to find a country that resembles this one. You want to visit the big cities of this country. You can start by looking for a coastal property for sale to make your life easier. Check www.for-sale.com/ for more information about coastal houses for sale.

Why visit the cities of England? 

London is the city most in demand by students and recent graduates. To study or find a job, the city offers many opportunities. If you want to choose houses by the sea, discover Brighton will be a good idea. It's not for nothing that she has the reputation of being the most gay-friendly city in England. Brighton is as pleasing to its dynamism as it is to its breathtaking environment. By the sea, the city offers a magnificent panorama of the shore and its surroundings. In Brighton, it is possible to find coastal properties for sale. Also Oxford is the most studious city of England. It is the University City par excellence!

The best city you can visit: Bristol

Located in the south-west of England, the city of Bristol is often forgotten for the benefit of its neighbors. Yet this destination has a lot to offer! With a long and fascinating story behind, the city has managed to build a culture of the most flourishing over the years. It has been the capital of shipbuilding for many years. But Bristol is also museums that have nothing to envy to those of neighboring counties, shops, including the commercial center of Cabot Circus but also modern architectures that blend into the historical landscape of the city.

Discovering the best city: Manchester

Manchester was one of the most powerful cities in the world in the early nineteenth century with the Industrial Revolution before sinking into crisis at the end of the twentieth century now experiencing a beautiful renaissance. Shaped by industry, football and music, this city is becoming a cultural and artistic hub of England. These are my ten good reasons to visit Manchester. The Museum of Science and Industry is without a doubt the most beautiful museum in Manchester and it is here that you have to start your visit to Manchester. One understands the importance of this city of the North of England: it is here that appeared the industrial revolution which changed the face of the world. The Museum of Science and Industry, or MOSI, is located in the former terminus of the first railway line in history, which connected Manchester to Liverpool. It is a museum that can be visited in several times as it is huge and access is free.
Nottingham, a city that you can enjoy staying in for a few days
How to tour the UK easily?

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