Nottingham, a city that you can enjoy staying in for a few days

Nottingham is an exceptional city. In order to enjoy your stay in this city, it is essential to choose where to stay. So, you need to find flats to rent in Nottingham, visit for more information. This is important to make your life in England very easy.

Why enjoy the stay in Nottingham?

Nottingham gained its fame thanks to Robin Hood and his companions who would have spent time in this Midlands town in England, using it as the main point to restore the injustice between the rich and the poor. But the city has forged a reputation in the textile world as the industrial capital of lace. In fact, the lace district, with its particular architecture, bears witness to its rich past and has now become a commercial district. Do not miss Nottingham Castle and the troglodyte dwellings where the legendary Ye Olde Pub Trip to Jerusalem has been partly built. Side cultural scene, a new air blows on the city and that's good. You are right when you have made the decision to choose to rent in Nottingham. It is the perfect solution to discover this city.

Why choose neighborhoods in Nottingham for housing?

City located in the East Midlands in the north of England, Nottingham is the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom. It is one of the few industrial cities in Britain to have kept a trace of its medieval past while becoming an outpost of the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. During its long history, the city was successively occupied by the Romans, subject to the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, at the mercy of the Viking raids, dominated by the Normans, influenced by the Carmelites before being a British city of first plan in contemporary times. Located between Birmingham and Leeds, Nottingham has various attractions to offer its visitors. To stay and visit Nottingham in the best way possible, the most recommended and popular areas of the city are Basford, Sherwood north of the center, Wollatonet Lenton in the west and Beeston in the southwest. You must take into account the characteristics of these neighborhoods with regards to Nottingham flats to rent.

The wonderful places you can discover in Nottingham

If you choose to rent in Nottingham, you have the opportunity to discover Nottingham Castle. It is built in the twelfth century. He is known for the legend of Robin Hood, telling the story of the clash between the bandit and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The castle museum today exhibits objects from the Bronze Age, Greek and Roman antiquities and paintings from the sixteenth and tenth centuries. In the park you will find ruins of the ancient medieval wooden castle. Then Nottingham rent allows you to visit the underground caves of Nottingham which are a major tourist attraction of the city, many tourists come to visit Nottingham flock there every year. It is a vast network of cavities directly carved in the rock, which has been used over the centuries as tannery, cellars of public houses and anti-aircraft shelters during the Second World War.
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