Tower Bridge: London’s defining landmark

The Tower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in London, as well as the Palace of Westminster (Big Ben) or as known the Tower of London.

The history of the tower bridge

The Tower Bridge, built in 1894, is a drawbridge used to relieve London Bridge traffic and promote the development of the capital to the east. The Victorian Gothic Tower Bridge is nearly 290 meters long, 15 meters wide and 43 meters high. In 2014, the installation of glass floors in the bridge allowed visitors to have an unusual view of the bridge and observe traffic under their feet.

What do you see during the Tower Bridge Tour?

The tour begins with a video that presents the history of Tower Bridge then continues through the footbridge where we can discover under our feet the Thames through the glass floor. Still in the bridge, a photo exhibition presents the most beautiful bridges in the world The visit gives right to the discovery of the beautiful machine room of the Victorian era. The ticket allows both access to the tower, and the engine room (located in 2 different locations, be careful not to lose his ticket to access the engine room). Where is the input of the Tower Bridge? The main entrance to the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the ticket office are located in the northwest tower of the bridge. The Victorian Machine Room is located on the south side of the river bridge on Shad Thames. To connect the second part of the exhibition, simply follow the blue lines painted on the ground.

Best plans to visit the Tower Bridge

It is preferable to avoid visiting the Tower Bridge during high heat. Indeed, the monument is not air-conditioned; the visit of the footbridge is made in a suffocating atmosphere. The glass bridge is not the full length of the monument, so to see the opening of the bridge; it is recommended to be outside at the edge of the Thames and not inside the bridge where visibility is restricted.

How much does it cost the Tower Bridge visit?

Good deal; the Tower Bridge tour is free for London Pass card holders, London Explorer Pass and Iventure London Attractions Pass. You can either buy your ticket on the spot or on the internet; this solution, which is more economical, and will let you avoid long queues. On the internet, do not hesitate to compare the prices between the website of the Tourist Office of Great Britain and that of Expedia, rates may vary from one site to another.

How long must I count for the Tower Bridge tour?

It will take you less than an hour to visit everything.

What to visit near the Tower Bridge?

- The Tower of London: former royal residence. - HMS Belfast: war building used by the British during the Second World War. Today transformed into a museum. - Shakespeare's Globe: Elizabethan open-air theater built in 1599 on Bankside to house William Shakespeare's troupe. - The Shard: The tallest skyscraper in Western Europe with a panoramic view of London.

When to attend the Tower Bridge open?

Good news! The bridge is still working! It is lifted 1000 times a year. Dates are known until several months in advance. You can check the days and lifts on the site of the monument.
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