Scotland: What to see and do in Inverness?

Situated at the mouth of the River Ness in north-east Scotland, the pretty town of Inverness is the perfect platform from which you can explore Scotland's most spectacular and well-known area: the Highlands! This region of the Highlands is a very special part of Scotland. These lands are located at the westernmost point of Great Britain; windy, rainy, with a pungent light that we can rarely see. Because over there, even under gray clouds, there are some lights that transfigure the landscapes. There is so much to say about this area’s breathtaking views... But what could be the most striking thing in Scotland, is the warm welcome of the Scots. The word “Welcoming” makes sense there! You feel welcome everywhere and you want to spend hours in every restaurant, every tea-room, just to take the time to enjoy the moment. In this article, you will find some suggestions for things to do and places to visit in the Inverness area during the winter season.

Accommodation in Inverness

It is also easy to book a holiday apartment in Inverness online and at low prices. All types of holiday rental are available there; hotels, apartments, villas, hostels, resorts, bed & breakfast and guest rooms. Since there is a wide choice of vacation rentals around many sights while visiting Inverness; take your time to find the perfect flat to rent in Inverness for perfect vacations; private rooms or entire accommodations that are suitable to any type of trip.

Walking in Inverness: heritage, restaurants, pubs and shops

The Diane Gavaldon's novels and the Outlander series put the city of Inverness at the top of the list of sites to visit for fans of Claire and Jamie. Inverness is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places of the series. And don’t be surprised if the Outlander wave has not invaded you; Inverness is worth a closer look. Inverness is a charming city, with a beautiful castle and a lively city center. There are very good restaurants and especially very nice pubs where you can find musicians almost every night, who sing traditional Scottish songs to accompany your beer. A great moment not to miss under any circumstances! And you can take your children without worry; you will be far from the smoky and dark bars that you might dread. It is a place of life. The city of Inverness is easily accessible; it can be reached by bus or train.

Shopping in Inverness

Inverness is great for shopping too. But first, you can have a raid in the local supermarket to buy mint sauce, ginger biscuits, shortbread... The main pedestrian shopping street is High Street where there is a large shopping center; Eastgate Shopping Center with Morrison’s supermarket next to it. You will also find shops to buy traditional clothing: kilts, scarves, woolen sweaters, tartans ... The full traditional outfit is a little expensive; it is worn regularly by the men of the region at family parties. In Inverness, you can stroll along the banks of the Loch River, cross the suspension bridge that vibrates at every step, enter the old cemetery at nightfall and pass by the Clan Fraser’s house.
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