Tourist’s guide to visit Exeter in holiday and prepare his trip

Exeter is a small town in southwestern England, the capital of the beautiful Devon-Cornwall region. Located in the English countryside, a few kilometers from the Channel coast; it has many attractiveness assets allowing it to be one of the favorite tourist destinations in the south of the country. It is not only attractive for tourists, it is also known for its very good quality of life. Thanks to its famous university, it is also a young and dynamic city. Many artists have also settled there to enjoy the mild climate and the richness of its vast architectural and cultural heritage, which is considered to be the most important in the country after the one of the city of Bath. World War II has severely damaged the city’s buildings; however residents rushed to renovate and rebuild it the closest to the identical. Exeter is therefore a good destination for cultural holidays to spend with friends or family. Many remarkable sites are scattered in the small town. Most of the city can be visited on foot. So take the time to stroll on its walls of 2000 years old and in its small shopping streets, also visit the magnificent Gothic cathedral. From here, stroll up to the old docks where you will find many restaurants with a warm atmosphere. The city is well known by its many interesting museums including the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, which after renovations it reopened its doors in December 2011, as well as, the remains of the Benedictine Abbey. Numerous cultural events take place in Exeter all year round, for example at the Northcott Theater and Barnfield Theater, where many shows take place. But Exeter is also an ideal destination for those who want to discover sumptuous landscapes. You will find a well preserved nature all around the city, classified sites and a beautiful maritime coast. It is advisable to spend a holiday in Exeter at the arrival of the beautiful days of spring and summer; the hottest months are from May to September.

Tours in Exeter

Browse the city, its streets and its ramparts. Visit its magnificent cathedral both inside and outside. Then follow the Exeter Medieval Trail leading to the historic quayside and take the time to taste the food on one of the terraces. Do not miss the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Gallery. Also, leave the city to discover nature and exceptional landscapes.
Free guided walking tours to discover Exeter is always an option!
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