Holidays in Exeter, Devon

Beach vacation in the UK, yes it’s possible!

With two coastlines and miles of moors, there is plenty to explore in the vast Devon area: fertile valleys,
open beaches and attractive harbor towns along the coast!

Devon is not just about the sea!

The idyllic rural areas of Devon

Being a popular destination for local vacationers, this county boasts colorful fields, charming fishing villages, dark heaths and golden beaches.


About Devon

Devon is the only region of England with two coasts. With rural landscapes everywhere, It is the fourth largest region in England. Its sounds, sights and landscapes are unique!


Why Devon?

The sheep crossing the streets of Dartmoor or the locals playing cricket are some examples of its idyllic rural spots. This natural beauty shows what make us fall in love with Devon.



It’s a city renowned for its magnificent Gothic cathedral, which overlooks its medieval and Georgian buildings. You can discover elegant restaurants and shops, or go cycling in the lively quayside area.

Devon vacation

What to do and see in Devon

What to see

There are resorts with loungers and ice cream, valleys to walk your dog and see beautiful scenery, towns like Exeter and villages to discover quaint customs…

What to do

Considered one of the best holiday locations in the UK, Devon will allow your family to enjoy beautiful views from the hills where most cottages are located.

Sea and more sea !

You will spend hours roamig around rock basins and ancient smugglers’ caves. There is another great attraction in Devon which is dolphin watching off the huge beaches.

Finding the right vacation home

How can you prepare for your getaway in style? The key is definitely finding a dream accommodation. Local walks, impressive flora and fauna and pleasant moments of relaxation await you in the UK, provided you find the right place to stay during your vacation. By exploring the facilities and services in this website specialized in holiday rentals in the UK, you can uncover the right accommodation for you and your family in a few clicks:

Holiday accommodations

Vacation rentals



These are furnished lodgings or apartments, a nice option for a vacation with family or friends. It is also a cheaper alternative because you can cook your own meals! Tourist offices always have a list of these accommodations available for holidaymakers.


Youth hostels

The UK is among the European regions that hold the world record for youth hostel numbers (indicated by brown signs). Generally comfortable, these accommodations are sometimes located in large mansions, even castles.


Campsites and camping cars

There are more and more campsites on the farm, often lost but so charming! It is often possible to rent a caravan, a pod (sort of small wooden hut) or a mobile home for the night. Wild camping is well accepted in rural areas, provided you ask permission from the owner of the land.


Bed & Breakfast (B & B)

Cheaper than hotels and of a comfort often equivalent, the B & B allows to lodge at the inhabitant. A good way to deepen your knowledge of the British mentality and language! The price of the room always includes the breakfast. Guesthouses are also B & Bs, but with more rooms.

Holidays in Exeter

Why Exeter ?

Whatever the reason for your trip, whether you want to escape for a weekend or an extended vacation, Exeter the right spot for you as the town is a dream destination for tourists coming from all over the globe!

This charming destination in the Devon area has a population of approximately 110,000 and is 250 km from London. Indulge the whole family by heading to Crealy Great Adventure Park, the perfect place for a few hours of relaxation with the kids. If you need relaxation, do not miss Escot Park, a pretty little piece of greenery where locals rush to enjoy the sun. The whole family will be delighted to spend a few hours in this popular place for its nice atmosphere and its colorful charming areas.

Holidays in Exeter